Preisbereich: €7.49 to €7.49
(Inkl. 20% MwSt.)
Marke: Perun
Nozz-X Fasengröße:

Nozz-X Länge:

Extension for Nozz-X Base

Tip, one of four available.
Tips are offered in two lenghts which allow your nozzle to be between 19 and 23mm or 22,5 and 26,5mm long. Both lengths are available with small or large chamfers (less or more sloped edges). Each combination of the barrel, bucking and hop chamber will be different. Therefore, in some cases a bigger chamfer will provide better seal, whereas in other small chamfer will be more suitable. Nozz-X allows you to adjust shape of the nozzle tip to your setup.

For more information look up Nozz-X Base.